Paula Strugińska

photo by Marta Zając-Krysiak

Paula Strugińska – since 2013 associated with Fabryką Sztuki in Lodz, where she worked on the implementation such projects as 220 VOLT !, LDZ Alternatywa or Art_Inkubator. In 2014 and 2015 she was responsible for developing and running a residency program for artists in cooperation with Creative Industry Koszyce 2013.

Curator and organizer of three editions of the “Punkty Widzenia” International Video Art Festival. Since 2015 he has been cooperating with Fotofestiwal. She graduated in Psychology at the University of Lodz and defended her diploma in Pracowni Rzeźby i Działań w Przestrzeni na Wydziale Sztuk Wizualnych ASP in Lodz. Participant in NCK trainings.


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