Zeng Ge Hallucination

A series of photos taken from 2012 to 2016. In the world I live, I found another world that was not known to others and only belonged to me. It was a rough and improvisational experience. Whether I was standing in the city center, or hiding in a shaking carriage, I would write my diary every day via the camera’s shutter.

We think we know the world very well, but the reality is not what you can see. The abundance of meaning is frequently covered by the appearances. When we encounter the “real” world, it becomes strange. I was excited when I fell into the depths of illusion and reality. Dream has come much closer to life. Ideal things are easy to slip, and it is only the image that combines the time and space at this very moment. Like the circuit that becomes connected, it all started winding in front of my eyes to record. Images were charming and let me have another world, so I gradually became very greedy, and eventually got lost in the illusion created by myself

Zeng Ge was born in 1990. Now he is a freelance photographer and visual artist working & living in Guangzhou, China. Zeng Ge graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Art Theory and is a Member of the Guangdong Photographers Association. He participated in The Ninth Three Shadows Photography Award exhibition, Japan ‘FREEDOM’ Experimental Photography Exhibition, Art Book in China 2016, Everyday Encounter – International Exhibition of Young Photographers at 11th China Photography Festival, 1st Ningbo International Photography Week etc.


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