Viacheslav Poliakov Lviv - God’s Will

Lviv – God’s Will is the project about our unconsciousness. About “it just so happens” and “God Willing”. About our childish naiveté, and a life that happens to us. It is a book about aesthetics that tells us about politics.

All pictures here are documentary. I didn’t install nor change anything. However, for most of the pictures I used artificial light and cut off the background to put them into a studio/gallery environment.

The core of this project are objects that have no conscious author. The objects that result from a random collaboration between unconnected people and natural events, that form the sense which is too far from its original function.

Literally, Lviv – God’s Will is an itinerary of the local bus, connecting the city of Lviv with a tiny village, God’s Will, next to the European Union border. The title does not limit the geography of the project: pictures were taken in different regions of Ukraine.

Viacheslav Poliakov was born in 1986 is Kherson, Ukraine. He graduated with MA in Fine Arts from the Kherson State University. Now based in Lviv, Ukraine, he works as a graphic and motion designer.


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