Andrea & Magda SINAI PARK

In Sinai peninsula, the development of the tourist industry conducted by investors from Cairo or from the Gulf has completely transformed the region: the architecture, artificial and naive, reveals the progressive disconnection from the local cultural reality.

Sinai has focused nearly all of its economy on tourism – a risky bet, as the region is often affected by political troubles and terrorism, which gradually weakens the tourist industry. As a consequence, the coast is full of oversized constructions, left abandoned or unfinished. The Bedouin, the local nomadic population, endure very strict military control and are broadly excluded from the tourism business. Sinai has become like a vast “non-place”.

Andrea and Magda are a duo of photographers from Italy and France. They live and work mostly in the Middle East since 2008. Their work focuses on the effects of globalization on society, economy and territory in the Middle East.


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