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We try to derive the best from the practices of the already forgotten art of monidło – a technique common in poor rural areas beginning from the late 19th century until the 1940s. At the same time, we search for inspirations in the photographs from old issues of “Przekrój”, “Bluszcz” or “Przyjaciółka” magazines.

Our actions are not a manifesto or a protest against digitalization of photography, on the contrary, we purposefully take what is best of it, by e.g. using the professional Ewa Stefania Dworczyk’s studio, to “spoil” a crystal clear picture for some perverse pleasure.

We retouch photos, wink at the viewer, who has already got used to the HD quality and beautiful photos from Instagram and now, at first, may get the feeling that such a “flat” retouch, wrong layers or old fashioned make-up are a result of an error.

Some works were made based on photos made in cooperation with Ewa Stefania Dworczyk’s studio.


Exhibition open: 02.06-11.06, pn-nd: 12.00-20.00


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