Sadowska, Gmach, The Waste

D. Sadowska, J. Gmach, The Waste

The waste is the result of cooperation between Dominika Sadowska and Jacek Gmach. The exhibition combines photography and textile objects.

Dominika Sadowska_Jacek Gmach_ODLOG_Filharmonia_Fotofestiwal2017

The starting point for the project was waste left after cutting woven and knitted fabrics during mass production of clothing. The unwanted scraps were used by the artists to create surprising forms of clothing. Owing to the photographic medium, man and the textile construction created took on a new, unreal character, allowing for open reception and interpretation

Opening: 26.05: 18.00

Place:The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic, Narutowicza 20/2

Exhibition open:26.05-23.06, Mon, Wed, Thu: 10.00-
18.00; Tue, Fri: 10.00-20.00


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