Justyna Chrobot, Pudding Parlor

Construction. This is probably the word that best describes my work. However, it is quite a general term. And that's fine. I wouldn't want to define myself through any particular trend, style or technique. That would be ridiculous.

A handsome guy once came up to me at an opening and told me that my work is very sensual and lavish in its gesture, and that its simplicity adds that extra spice that gives the impression of perpetual hunger. The senile intellectual with a schooled imagination would like to gobble it all u with his eyes. This is kind of what happens. You see a pair of tits curtly outlined in charcoal on paper, in an entourage of two sticks and a piece of string and you start looking for hidden meanings. Hint: there’s no point. First of all, a line. A drawing, a line, a photo, a line, an installation, a dot. So consistent, so close, so noticed, so slippery.

Opening: 27.05: 20.00


Exhibition open: 27.05: 20.00, 28.05-11.06, Mon-Fri: 17-19
or call.: 0048 793 43 44 20


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