Jacek Falmur, Red is Red

Jacek Falmur, Red is Red

The Red is Red project was created in the course of 3 years. Picture were taken in Poland, India, Mexico and the Philippines. It consists of 20 photos arranged in pairs, where, apart from the red theme, the pictures refer to each other in terms of composition, texture, color and mood.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to the red color, which is neither good nor bad in itself. Only when a man gives him a meaning, the red color can be considered in the context of value.

The red assists us in almost every aspects of our life. Red is love, red is passion, red is dynamic but also a warning, lust, blood or extreme emotions.

This color has also different, often contradictory, meaning depending on regions and cultures. In Poland it is a color of love. In India it symbolizes purity and sensuality, which is why it is used by the brides during wedding ceremonies or the birth of a child or various religious festivals. In Africa, in turn, it is the color of mourning. On the Philippines is associated with courage and brotherhood. In Mexico, however his significance is being changed in the course of years. For example, before Spanish Conquest the red color were color of mourning and made it easier for the dead to pass to the underworld and protect him in another life. In later times it meant the unity of the cultures and religions of the peoples living in Mexico.

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Exhibtion open: 28.05: 19.00, 28.05-28.06, Fri-Sat: 11.00-02.00,
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