Group of Deaf Artists, The Point of View

Karolina Jakóbczak, AdAstra

We notice world through the senses of sight, hearing, smell, feeling and taste and what we are getting back, is comprehended as real reality. But whether it is reality which we feel the same as everyone other around us? And maybe what we feel, see, experience is unreal, is an illusion of reality. Presumably we have other sense which is helping us to recognize world surrounding us and to separate the falsehood from the real being. Other sense is helping us to look, to taste, to feel and to create one's own personal reality.

artists: Olgierd Koczorowski, Agnieszka Kołodziejczak, Karolina Jakóbczak, Kinga Hołda, Daniel Kotowski, Marek Krzysztof Lasecki


Otwarcie wystawy: 27.05: 16.00


Godziny otwarcia: 28.05-11.06, pn-pt: 15.00-18.00, sb: 11.00-18.00


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