Dagmara Bugaj, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Dominika Sadowska – The Implant

Dominika Sadowska, Atlantis is calling

Three artists who belong to academic and artistic circles and operate in the area of registered images decide to open a hybrid exhibition, conceived as a counterpoint and a voice in the discussion regarding the form of the undertaking of which it is a part.

Fotofestiwal has existed as an organism for a number of years, encouraging reflection on the condition of photography as a medium – as well as of man. The implant is a project – a foreign object grafted into this organism, in order to restore its natural functions or to generate new ones, previously non-existent. It is a commentary on the contemporary circumstances of art, in which the artist functions almost exclusively through promotional mechanisms.

Opening: 30.05, 18.00


Exhibition open: 30.05-13.06, Mon-Fri: 12.00-20.00,
Sat: 12.00-14.00


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