Books to play with


Can you imagine a photobook that plays with you or that is a sculpture? Can you imagine a sculpture that is a book, a performance, something that requires you to act? The exhibition presents 7 various examples that invite us to non-standard interaction with a book, related to its form, history, author’s intention or its status as an object-sculpture.

Books and works presented at the exhibition:

Smile!Rick Hekman

DOM (Document Object Model)Julia Borissova

In Almost Every Picture #11Erik Kessels

Handbook to the starsPeter Puklus

Cosmic Surgery, Alma Haser

Sans titre, Mr. BertillonStephanie Solinas



Design: DOH

Curator: Franek Ammer

Place: Book Art Museum, Tymienieckiego 24
Exhibition open: 02.06-11.06: Mond-Sun: 10.00-18.00
The exhibition will be accompanied by a walk&talk: 03.06, 21:00


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