Bartek Talaga, lightroom/darkroom

Bartek Talaga, lightroom/ darkroom

“Photography is for me a metaphor of the need to register the world of phenomena. The question about photography is the question about the nature of light and darkness, the existence of reality and simulation. What is and the shared part of total darkness and absolute light and what does it mean? In connoting and developing Plotinus’ idealistic concept on the emanating universal unity, I take up the issue of the existence of light and non-existence of darkness

(fragment of Martek Talaga’s doctoral thesis Lightroom/Darkroom. The Universum of Light)

lightroom/darkroom is an exhibition where the limits of photographic matter can be observed: workshop – technique – space. The technological aspect is evoked as a philosophical interpretation for objects and installations. By changing the mandorla signs, I create a geometric dimension and conduct symbolic dialogue – I exchange creative energy between the visual fields of art on many levels.

Curator: Krzysztof Pijarski

Bartek Talaga, Lightroom/Darkroom



Opening: 02.06: 20.00


Exhibition open:  03.06-20.06, Mon-Fri: 10.00-20.00during the festival weekends: Sat-Sun: 10-1604.06: closed


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