Anka Sielska, Helena Zakliczyńska, Art of Photography – Art of Survival

An exhibition of works created within the developmental workshops for women devoted to working through difficult life experiences by means of photography.

The workshops, conducted by a therapist Helena Zakliczyńska and a photographer Anka Sielska, were divided into two parts: group and individual. In group sessions the participants, assisted by the therapist, turned to their family photo albums to reach memories building their identities. The photo collections obtained a new form – as consciously arranged family albums – carefully shaped and intended to convey the memory of relatives to the future generations.

During individual workshops, the participants were working with the photographer on images presenting difficult, often traumatic incidents of their lives. The newly created photographs let them see these events from another perspective and helped accept the past, in order to use their experience rather than negate it.
Curator of exhibition: Maga Sokalska


Opening: 2.06, 19:30


Exhibition open: 02.06: 19.30, 02.06.-11.06, Sat-Sun: 11.00-17.00


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