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In Vain (2009-2010)

Every new day gives us hundreds of opportunities. Gigabytes of new information, armfuls of exciting events, kilometres of unexplored places, chances of adventitious meetings – all this is waiting for us with the beginning of each 24-hour time span, which we are to use as effectively and rationally as possible, acting profitably and getting a satisfactory result. It could seem that realisation of this fact is sure to inspire us. The problem is that the variety of alternatives and the great number of possibilities result in a deep fear of losing something really essential, missing some unique events or relevant information. Consequently, the fear leads to an inner catatony, a moment of floating in the air, which paralyzes our will and puts us into inexplicable panic. The endless variety of choices that we have to make doesn’t let us decide on anything. Instead of taking up new challenges, we stay at home in our cosy and safe little world which is ready to keep us away from the stream of this impetuous life beyond it.

born in 1984 in Samara (Russia), lives in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Having graduated from the Law Department of Samara State University in 2007, she moved to Moscow, Russia, where she entered Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (part of the Multimedia Complex of Actual Arts, Moscow House of Photography). While studying there on a 2-year main educational programme, she was inspired by the works of Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Ryan McGinley, Claudine Doury, Jack Radcliffe and Jordy Gual, who greatly influenced her photographic style.

In 2010, she became a participant of the “Young Photography” project held by FotoDepartament Foundation, a program of support and promotion of young Russian photographers. Her series In Vain was exhibited in St.-Petersburg (within the Something Strange group exhibition curated by Andy Adams, Ulrich Haas, Irina Meglinskaya, Emily Newman and Nadya Sherye), Yekaterinburg (Advantage group exhibition) and Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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