Nina Kassianou

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Phd in History of Photography. She is collaborating as an exhibition curator and photography book editor with the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki. Permanently working as a curator for Gallery M55 in Athens which promotes work of Greek and European young photographers.

She has organized many individual and group exhibitions in Greece and in Europe. As a reviewer she has participated in many festivals in Europe. She is one of the contributors to the the 1st Cyclopedia of European Photography presenting the Greek part.


8th of May - Saturday
21:00 - Bagdad Cafe, 45 Jaracza St.



Sylvia Diamantopoulou – Daydream
Stefania Mizara – Gaza War Days
Giorgos Moutafis – The Sea Borders
Chrissa Tsovili – Landscapes Into The Time

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