Paweł Olearka


He has a unique skill of using a photo camera to expose elements of reality which are invisible to a common mortal. He grabs his camera and contemplates the world which we can see in his pictures. His world is that of a loner who watches the existence within life and death calmly and silently. Reconciliation with life and death makes time passing irrelevant.

Pawel’s photos give us an opportunity to leave our problems aside and experience the atmosphere of silence, calm, and reconciliation with the surrounding world.  (Jakub Swerprl)

The RELAX project has been in progress for 2 years. It comprises a series of ephemeral photos depicting the reality surrounding us, reality of holidays – rest, idleness and relaxation. Deep in our souls, we all long for sun, warmth, and a hum of water. We do not think about human existence in our everyday rush but we can climb to its higher level during a long rest. We feel deep sadness and loneliness then. Relax reminds us about it.