Edyta Wypierowska
Graduated from ASP in Poznan, The Multimedia Communication department. Diploma in the Intermedia Photography studio led by Krzysztof J. Baranowski. During the festival, the exhibition entitled "Still Life" will be presented. The collection is composed of 23 photos made by pinhole camera.
Individual and group exhibitions:
1998 - "Portret", Galeria BWA, Leszno
1999 - "Bez tytułu" ,Galeria BWA, Leszno
2000 - "Otworek", Galeria BWA , Leszno
2002 - Gdanska Galeria Fotografii, Gdansk
2003 - "F-12" , Galeria FF. Lodz
2003 - "Month Of Photography", Galeria Medium, Bratysława