During the Festival a lot of meetings with people dealing with photography or the theory of photography will take place, e.g. with

Tomasz Ferenc
(University of Lodz, Foundation of Visual Education)
Małgorzata Grąbczewska (University of Warsaw)
Juliusz Sokołowski (Latarnik coalition)
Maciej Szymanowicz (“pf” Gallery from Poznan)
Wojtek Wieteska (independent photographer)
Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka (FOTOGRAFIA quarterly)

We also place emphasis on exchanging of the opinions concerning status of the photography and generally the current form of art. That’s why we organized open discussions which direction is not imposed. The gathered participants decide themselves what will be the tendency of their polemics...

The lectures’ and discussions’ cycles will be led by Krzysztof Makowski