The photographic workshop, that will be the part of the festival, have been prepared for people with different interests, for both - the beginners and the professionals.

There are two trends that dominate in the workshop subject. The first part is devoted to the classes concerning traditional photographic techniques. The best example is the workshop led by Wojtek Tkaczyński, devoted to the basics of black and white photography and by Marek Domański workshop devoted to pinhole camera. The second part is concerning the digital photography, computer treatment of photos and their applications in internet. Workshop led by the portal editors – Michał Sułkiewicz and Tomasz Gutkowski will be devoted to this part. They will focus on the changes that the digital technology is introducing to photography. Another event will be the workshop under Lumix Panasonic patronage. This workshop, led by Tomek Jakubowski, will be addressed to the owners of digital cameras.
People interested in the commercial applications of photography can take part in the workshop led by Izabela Jaroszewska from the European Academy of Photography, entitled “Photos preparation for sale in the commercial galleries” or workshop led by Andrzej Ploch “Photos preparation for publications in media”.
It’s only the part of the events which guests of the Festival will have opportunity to take part in.