Sebastian Strama

He is a 4th year student of Academy of Fine Art in Cracow (born in 1973). Two years ago he got a Bachelor's degree in A. Pankiewicz`s studio. Strama took part in several group exhibitions and presented his works during different types of events organized by his friends (concerts, spectacles etc.). Permanently collaborates with Folk Theatre in Cracow.

New Chapter – a work, which can be described as a subjective registration, contains about 100 photographs. The project concerns “krowoderska 52” place found in Cracow, active for 9 months. Pictures document the inner history of the venture as far as events, which took place there.
Old Plateau – Cracow : 20 photographs taken on 12 years old expired date ORWO color negative. Documentation of the neighborhood of Bohaterów Getta Square in Cracow and its condition.

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