Fotografia Slaska - Photographic groups review
The exhibition "Fotografia Slaska" will show photos of a few dozen of artists from Silesia. The subject of most of the photos is the every day's life of inhabitants of Katowice, Gliwice, Zabrze and Rybnik. It is not going to be a thematic exhibition, but an attempt to present some photographic groups and many individualists they contain.
The following groups take part in the presentation:
:: Photographic group from Gliwice "Precel" -
:: Photographic group from Rybnik "Format" -
:: Photographic group "Natachwile" -
:: The photographic society from Silesia -
:: Piotr Muschalik photographic studio
The photos above were taken by: Tomasz Zdulski, Przemek Jendroska and Łukasz Brudny