Sarah Tußbas
Born in 1980. 2000-2003 - art and social science (Technical University in Berlin), since 2003 - design and media communication (Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin). She writes about her project "Self-portrait": "I started the series of self-portraits in 2001 and it's an open project that I'm going to continue. I used different cameras, mainly Polaroid SX 70. At the beginning I hoped that the self-portraits would let me look at myself with some distance and thanks to this, that I would be able to level the gap between my perception of myself and how I was perceived by others. The image was the most important at the beginning. With time, emotions connected with taking photos felt on both sides of the camera became more important. My self-portraits became questions, which can be asked me only in this form. The process of creating the image became more important".