Reiko Imoto & Peter Stone

Reiko Imoto works with fine art photography, capturing mysterious/surreal moments in everyday life. Born in Kobe, Japan, studied art in London, England, and earned her M.F.A. photography in Georgia, USA. Her solo and group exhibitions have been held in Japan, England and the USA, and her photographs have been published on covers and inside several magazines. She is currently living in Brussels, Belgium.
Peter Stone is a composer of instrumental music for CDs, TV, films and beyond. He has independently released 11 records of his music and has many more awaiting release. Peter also makes sound banks for use in motion picture studios and sound production houses. Born and lives in England.

Festival's projects represent imaginative realities that can be seen from the other side of ordinary things and human behaviors. Each slide show has a sequential, visual story, with original music. The music was specially made for each slide show's theme in order to emphasize the emotional mood. The slide shows provide metaphorical riddles to the audience. ::