Reiko Imoto

Reiko Imoto works with fine art photography, capturing mysterious/surreal moments in everyday life. She was born in Kobe, Japan, studied art in London, England and earned her M.F.A. photography in Georgia, USA. Her work is not a documentation of subjects or reality, but it is a statement of her own subconscious and magical visions. Her work provides open questions about the ways of seeing the world with the imagination, rather giving answers. Her inspiration comes from intuition and dreams, reading of poetry and fairytales, listening to film music, and observing little ordinary things carefully in everyday life. Her solo and group exhibitions have been held in Japan, England and the USA. She currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. This is her second time to visit Poland since 1996, and she is so excited about visiting again! Her web page is
During the Festival we can see two cicles:
Visions of The Other Side and Dreams of The Amnesiac.
"My projects represents surreal moments that I see in everyday life. I am not interested in a documentation of reality, but I recognise my photography as its own imaginative reality" - says the author.