Organizm (Warsaw)

The group started in 2001 in Warsaw, gives concerts from 2002, e.g. in Warsaw, Wrocław, Olsztyn, Mławia.
A review from the concert in "Stara prochOFFnia", Warsaw, 15.03.2003: "They build slow, hypnotic images on the basis of sections and guitar coupling. Before the show vocalist said: "It's not going to be a musical poetry". He must have said this with perversity - it was a real poetry of sounds and words." Dos Dedos, April 2003.


1. Funk#1 :: mp3
2. Prześwietlenie:: mp3
3. Piątek:: mp3


:: Tomasz Gogolewski - guitar
:: Jędrzej Dąbrowski - bass, vocal
:: Mariusz Klimkiewicz - drums