Kóczán Gábor

Kóczán Gábor is a winner of the contest organized by the LUMEN PHOTOGRAPHY FOUNDATION in March 2004 in Hungary. The contest was set up specially for the Fotofestiwal in Lodz. The award was the exhibition within the Open Program.

"Little, stupid, premature boy - in '72 - in an intellectual family. The mother is a doctor, the father is an engineer. I didn't understand what I was doing here, what was there waiting for me, till I found my grandpa's old Zeis Icon in the pantry. And soon after the photos came to light too. Roots. Urrreeeeeee!!!! Final exam, photographer qualification then teacher of arts degree. I tried to live on photography. It didn't work. Amateur photography is a very good thing. This way I don't have to meet anybody's taste, but I have the chance to meditate on the criticism… Have You got any idea about these photographs? You have the chance to answer: koczan.gabor@propage.hu