Krzysztof Ked Olszewski
The author about himself:
"When I go back in my mind to that wonderful time, I remember that I avoided the clink of two different keys, each one opened a land which didn't fascinate me. When my grandfather took the first key, it meant that he was going to the garage to repair his car for long hours and he wanted his grandson to assist him. The second key meant long and dark hours in the darkroom. Now, when I work with the enlarger, I have deja vu of those wonderful moments. I know that I can't run away from my destiny. My grandfather and father made photos, now it is my passion... and the old cars? I still avoid them!"
About the project "Imagination Space": "Space is the key word. It contains the idea connecting senses, it's associated with free movement, music echo. My Imagination Space is an arranged, not limited scene with several locations. The only limit of this space is the horizon and the imagination power."
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