Alexander Honory

"The Lost Pictures" (1998)

Alexander Honory belongs to the category of artists, whose work is based on the ability of gathering people. It concerns his action towards found, somebody else's family photography within the "Private Institute of Contemporary Family Photography" collection and a huge project realized since 1996 "One world with many faces" composed of thousands of contemporary people's images.

"The Lost Pictures" seem to be the most surprising Honory's work touching the problem of presence. We have double absence in this piece of art, absence of people and their images. There are no photos, there are only texts describing them, framed like photographs. Hanging on the gallery's wall like home photos, in different formats, gathered close to each other, without the importance hierarchy. The only confirmation of the presence on the lost family photos is the laconic description of the image. The description framed like a commemorative photo, describes the image that represented people and objects. There is the point of Honory's and the "Private Institute of Contemporary Family Photography" action, in this paradoxical, devoid of photos work. The piece of art shows, that author didn't focus on the photographs themselves but what they could be, calling of the past presence, which doesn't become absence thanks to our memory and photography.