Stepan Hon

1976 - Born in Teplice (Czech Republic). 1994 – moved to Prague - first experience with travelling. 1995 – 1999 - studies of Journalism in Prague. From 1999 - student of photography at Famu (Film and TV department of academy of performing arts). BW documentary photography and documentary movies belong to his main interests. He works as oficial photographer of president office. He cooperates with czech newspapers and collaborates on shooting of documentary movies.
He was two times awarded during Czech Press Photo (2000, 2001)
Transcarpatia, Rachovsky region – It used to be the most eastern point of Interwars Czechoslovakia. Today it is one of the poorest regions of Independent Ukraine. It is a very specific piece of land with very open and nice people. You can see there the rests of old tradition and life style. But this is disappearing very fast…