Edward Hartwig

„His name can be found in international encyclopedias, there are books devoted to him in series describing masters of European photography (Prague 1966, Brno 1983). He is the originator of significant author's albums, which drawn new trends of artistic photography in Poland, and their influence of this field development exceeded the borders of the mother country. (...) On the background of the world-wide history of photography, which was being created by him for over 70 years, not only in the context of polish photography, Edward Hartwig was an individualist. Vitality, imagination and creativity combined with diligence were the features that distinguished him from others. (...) For years, his creation was an example and point of reference for several generations of photographers. This is an artist with hundred of faces, who can still remain himself, and arouse admiration of those that prefer art of a different kind.”

Fragment of the Barbara Kosińska prolog for the exhibition of Edward Hartwig in DigiTouch Gallery
Art Curator: Iza Wojciechowska