Agnieszka Dellfina & Thomas Dellacroix

A. Dellfina & T. Dellacroix are two artists working and living together. During last few years their works have been presented in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Vien, London, Paris and Barcelona. They are represented in many official and private collections around the world including: World Childhood Foundation, Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC, Amnesty International.

Give Peace a Chance or Have a Nice War – the project is stimulated by the political situation after 9/11. Besides children all characters have been depicted by the authors, also all situations have been created. By putting themselves at the same time in the positions of executioners and victims, they are trying to show how thin the border between good and evil can be in extreme situations. Modern approach to warfare viewed true manipulated media becomes more and more like a Hollywood production, filled with platitudes, deliberate misinformation and commercial interests. The project was inaugurated in prestigious Kowasa gallery in Barcelona in March 2003.

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