Capitan Commodore (Łódź)

The B9 Projector means music made of noises, crackles, fragments of different sounds and recordings. The aim of the B9 Projector is not a creation of avant-garde difficult music but melodious and intelligible one. The using of tones, which are wastes of the industrial civilization, gives this music an unique sound. The author of the project Mariusz Socha carries on the second, similar project inspired by the sound of 8-bit computers called Capitan Commodore. Together with authors of electronic music gathered around portal and “Gravity Collective” creative group, works on “Tribute to Commodore C64” project. It is a tribute of Polish musicians who make music using laptop computers, to the one of the most popular 8-bit computer. The B9 Projector is one of the winners of monthly contest organized by portal and Jazz Radio.


1. Amigamanga part seven :: mp3
2. Amigamanga part one :: mp3
3. Amigamanga part four :: mp3

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