Arja Hyytiäinen
Swedish Photographer, born in Finland -74. Studies in documantary photography, Sweden 98-99. A statefounded project year in Russia 99-00. B.a studies in photography in FAMU, Prague, Cz. 00-03. 2003 lives and works in Germany Berlin and Paris France. Individual exhibitions, „The living room“ Gallery Solrosen, Gothenburg, Sweden 1999 :: “Tango” Gallery Solrosen, Gothenburg, Sweden 1999 :: “Tango” Krogstrand, Man Must Dance festival, Sweden 2000 :: “Karelians” Gallery Fotohuset, Gothenburg, Sweden 2000 :: “Room 14” Gallery spor clübü & atalje paetau, Berlin, Germany 2004 :: Video,“Electric Mills”, Berlin 2003 :: “Coming to, Faiding away” interactive videoinstallation, 1 machinefestival, Kopenh. Christiania Grey Hall, Denmark 2003. Journey, which I'd like to exhibit is a subjectiv diary of the meetings, places and time through the lat years travel.

The Exhibition is organized with help of the Swedish Embassy in Poland