Adam Lach

Born in 1983 in Poznan. Lives in Wroclaw, a student of The College of Photography Afa. In 2003 established an artistic group "In Spe" with Bartosz Mazurkiewicz. The author describes his project: "My photographs present my own perception of the world. I'm interested in such images that are not visually attractive on first sight. The photos were made in 2002-2003 in Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania and Slovakia. On the first side, I turn towards a "decisive moment" of H. Cartier-Bresson, on the other side - towards the photographic experience of Robert Frank and his attitude to H. Cartier-Bresson, which was shown in "The Americans". My view of photography is close to the artist of so called "subjective photography" - Otto Steinert. For me photography is the way of meeting with people and places, using photographs I try to describe the nature of these meetings. I describe my surprise, questions, emotions and recognition".